Project Requirements

There are certain preliminary requirements we need to begin your web development project.  This includes setting up a Google account, if you don’t already have one, and granting us access to certain Google services.  The accounts we work with allow you to grant us the access we need without compromising the security of your account.  The tutorials on this page provide both video and written step by step instructions to make it easy for you to grant us the necessary access.

IMPORTANT:  Only complete the tasks your developer has indicated are necessary.

A free Google account gives you access to a suite of Google services that allow us to optimize your website for search engines and set you up to optionally display your products in Googe search via their paid advertising platform.  You are not required to do any type of paid advertising.  We simply set it up and it’s your choice when and if you switch it on or not.

Complete the following steps to create a Google Account:

  1. Go to the Google Account Creation page
  2. Enter your First and Last name
  3. Choose a Gmail username or click the option to choose a current email address instead.
  4. Enter a password

Note:  You will use the email address and password you set here to login to all Google services.  We recommend creating a Gmail username instead of using a current email in step 3; in case you ever decide to sell your store.  This makes it easy to transfer ownership of the entire Google account associated with the business without having to worry about it being tied to your personal email account.

If you’ve opted to connect your own domain name to Shopify.  The following video shows you how. If your domain name is registered at Godaddy or 1&1 Ionos, you only need to complete the steps up to the 1:53 mark of the following video.  If you have a domain name registered elsewhere, you will need to complete the steps following that mark.

Complete the following steps to connect your Godaddy or 1&1 Ionos domain name to shopify:

  1. Login to your Shopify store
  2. Click Online Store
  3. Click Domains
  4. Click Connect existing domain
  5. In the Domain field, enter your domain name
  6. Click Next
  7. Login to Godaddy
  8. Click Connect automatically
  9. Sign-in your domain provider account (Godaddy, etc.)
  10. Click Connect
  11. Click Close

Complete the following to set your newly connected domain name as the primary domain:

  1. At the top right of the page, click Change primary domain
  2. Select the domain name you just connected.
  3. Click Save


Granting Google Analytics Access
1. Log in to Google Analytics
2. Click Admin in the lower left hand corner
3. Click Account User Management under the Account column
4. Click the blue + symbol
5. Click Add users
6. Add the user email
7. Under Permissions, grant Edit permissions by selecting the first check box.
8. Click the blue Add button.


Granting Google Ads Access
1. Login to Google Ads.
2. Click the Wrench icon.
3. Select Account Access and Security.
4. Click the blue + symbol.
5. Add the user email
6. Select the Standard access level.
7. Click Send Invitation


Grant Access
1. Login to Google Merchant Center
2. Click the wrench menu icon at the top of the page
3. Select Account Access from the dropdown menu
4. Click the blue + symbol
5. Add the user email
6. Click Add User


Verifying Google Search Console via Godaddy

Upon logging in to Google Search Console for the first time, complete the following steps:

1. Enter your domain name in the Domain column.
2. Click Continue.
3. Copy the TXT record.
4. Open a separate browser tab
5. Navigate to
6. Scroll down to your domain name.
7. Click the DNS link to the right of your domain.
8. Under Records, click ADD.
9. Select TXT from the Type dropdown menu.
10. Enter @ in the Host field.
11. Paste the TXT record in the TXT Value field.
12. Click back over to Google Search Console
13. Click VERIFY.


Granting Google Search Console Access
1. Login to Google Search Console
2. Click the Settings menu on the lower left side
3. Click Users and permissions.
4. Click the blue ADD USER button
5. Add the email you were provided with Full permission
6. Click Add


Granting Godaddy Domain Manager Access
1. Login to Godaddy and click your name in the upper right-hand corner.
2. Select Account Settings from the dropdown menu.
3. Click Delegate Access option.
4. Click the + Invite to Access link.
5. Enter the name and email provided below.
6. For the Access level requested, select the Products & Domains.
7. Click Invite.


How To Set Godaddy Domain Nameservers

1. Login to
2. Click on the dropdown next to the account holder’s name
3. Click My Products
4. Scroll down to the Domains section.
5. Click the DNS link to the right of your domain name.
6. Scroll to the Nameservers section
7. Click the blue Change button
8. Click the Enter my own nameservers link.
9. Enter the two nameservers you were provided.
10. Click Save