Web Development

ladybugDEV specializes in search engine and conversion optimized websites.  While no one can guarantee placement for a particular search phrase, a good web developer will implement the best practices to ensure your site is built with the technical structure it needs to tell Google and other search engines who your target market is, so they can send you the people most likely to become customers.

Hosting & Maintanence

ladybugDEV’s hosting service gives your website a reliable place to live on the Internet.  Our routine maintenance keeps your site updated with the latest version of all deployed applications, which minimizes vulnerabilities to security breaches caused by outdated applications.

App Development

Mobile apps can help your customers and potential customers interact with your business more frequently by incorporating it into their mobile device.  Using apps to promote, inform, and deliver a better service means more revenue, exposure, and happy customers, which equates to more business for you in the long-run.  Find out how ladybugDEV can develop an app that compliments your business objectives.

Digital Portfolio Management

Porfolio showcasing helps sell your services, so it’s extremely important that you do it right and you do it consistently, but who has time for that?  With our digital portfolio services, we’ll be your personal portfolio manager; distributing your photos and videos where people can discover your world-class service.